Saturday, October 29, 2005


I am creating this blog for all those non believers and uninformed who should become familian with the most wonderful instrument created.....a flugelbone!!! What is a flugelbone, one might ask? Well, a less glamorous description of the lovely beast is a "Marching Valve Trombone" It is in the key of Bb, has identical fingering to a trumpet vis a vis three valves, but has a deep throaty sound of a trombone. It is also quite mellow, hence the handle "flugelbone", as it sounds like a regular flugelhorn, only one octave lower. It has been very occasionally used by jazz trombonists, but it has not had wide exposure. The valve trombone and the "flugelbone" have the same range and timbre. The "flugelbone", because of its trumpet-like appearance and configuration is more compact and easier to carry around.